After The Last

Saturday Review
1 August  2020

Moonee Valley

Brooklyn Hustle Gets The Job Dunn

Class generally prevails, both in equine flesh and humine. This was certainly true in the forth event at The Valley today. The quality runner was Brooklyn Hustle, whose navigation was trustfully placed in the more than capable hands of Dwayne Dunn. Off a hot speed, Dunn dropped the mare back to the rear, where she still found herself rounding the turn with plenty of work to do up the minuscule Moonee Valley straight. No panic,no worries, Dunn used a piece of chewing gum to stick Brooklyn Hustle to the running rail whilst all her rivals slewed wide, the gap miraculously appeared, and Dunn was off and gone to run away to win by over 3 lengths. That was Brooklyn Hustle's first run this year, so can only be improved. Yea, sure, she beat winter walkers, nevertheless, she could not have been more impressive in victory, and nor more impressive was the classic D Dunn ride.

Jamie Kah: Hot Or Cold?

We want to back jockeys who make few if any mistakes. Hugh Bowman, Craig Williams, Damien Oliver, money riders like Mark Zahra and Ryan Maloney, William Pike in WA.

Today we had Wilmont Pass a good thing at Moonee Valley. However we removed the horse from Gallopers Key Investments and Investment Management because the rider was Jamie Kah, and not without good reason. Jamie has ridden a neddy named Boomstock its last couple, ran second on both occasions and the best we can put the defeats down to is pilot error. Getting back on the inside with a wall of horses in front of you, especially when a couple of golden opportunities had appeared earlier in the races to get off the fence, then getting clear late to rocket into second placing, not good enough in our humblest of opinions.

So, what happens with Wilmont Pass today? Exactly the same scenario. Missed the start, got back on the fence around a saucer shaped track with a wall of rump steak ahead. The gelding rocketed home along the rails into forth spot, a certainty beaten as a short priced favourite.

Now we understand Jamie has been riding plenty of winners of late. And yes, we also are completely aware Jamie can ride, and ride better than most. But please, someone close to Jamie, please give her a nudge. Get off the fence earlier in races, especially when there is a clear opportunity. Then you will be known as one who makes far less mistakes than most.

Royal Randwick

Track Bias

Oh dear, another Saturday, another leader biased track in Sydney. Why do punters have to continually be inflicted with such adversity? Royal Randwick, spruiked by anyone from Racing NSW who wants to tell us, is the best track in Australia. Yes, sure, I understand it is winter, I understand Sydney has copped heaps of rain. However all punters see is an unusual rail placement, and more of the same.

Now, the problem for punters is this. We don't know for sure until 3 or 4 races have been run and won if there is any track bias. So we do our dough before realising we had no earthly chance of winning from the outset.

Maybe punters should stop betting in Sydney on a Saturday until the weather warms up and the rail placements get back to some form of normality.

Eagle Farm

Welcome Back Josh

Been hearing rumours for a while now the more than likeable Queensland number one race caller Josh Fleming was on the outer. Josh has been away from the microphone for a few weeks now, with former trots caller and boss of Albion Park David Fowler taking over the Saturday and Wednesday calls in Brisbane.

Josh is only a young bloke from Barcaldine, got a Sky race calling scholarship via Alan Thomas, was packed off to Sydney to learn his trade, then returned to his beloved Queensland to become the number one caller on Alan's retirement a few years back.

Josh's passion for the sport is unrivalled, his calls exciting as they are accurate, he spits out the horses names quicker than an astute auctioneer, with rare if any mistakes.

Tabcorp signed a new deal with Racing Queensland this week, halleluja we hear you sigh exasperatingly, after months of monotonous negotiations. And one sticking point from QR I am led to believe was for David Fowler to be number one horse racing caller in Queensland. I don't know David, he calls okay, however is very biased and follows the favourites throughout all his calls and emphasises them like a hammer hitting a nail. I felt for Josh Fleming throughout this, he has done zilch wrong, other than follow his dream to be number one race caller in Brisbane.

It was great to hear the dulcet tones of Josh back on Sky today. Well done, mate, keep up the great work.

Good luck and profitable punting to all.