Gallopers Horse Racing Guides

Are you a rookie in horse racing game, keen to embark on a new and profitable project?

Are you more seasoned, have a basic comprehension on race horse form, weights, barriers, jockeys, trainers, however have difficulty inserting all the pieces of the puzzle into the right spaces?

The time is right for you to become a winning punter, with Gallopers here to assist throughout your journey!

The fact is, less than 2% of people consistently win when gambling, and a vast percentage of these don’t actually win money  using their wits, investing on the right commodities. Some players make money outlaying large sums in turnover, to obtain reimbursements or kick backs from betting agencies for their support and loyalty. Others make their money through affiliate opportunities associated with gambling on horse racing. So the true figure on consistently winning punters is closer to 1%.

Fear not, the good news is you can consistently profit investing on horse racing, if you have the knowledge, and the right strategy. Gallopers can kickstart your journey whether you are a newcomer or if you have experience and are simply sick and tired of losing.

The key is the time in which you dedicate to the project. Take it seriously from the outset, understand you will learn something every day throughout your journey and remember, mistakes in this game are costly, so the fewer mistakes you make, the more profit you will have in your bank.

Please remember, punting on horse racing is meant to be an enjoyable recreation,
made more enjoyable when collecting money on a winner or two.
When the enjoyment stops, then you should stop punting.

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